Empty Cellar Records


Haphazardly organized in 2006, Empty Cellar is an independent record label headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Our roster, a distinctive amalgam of new music - unconstrained by genre boundaries and unfettered by trends.  Our focus, to release music that is rooted in honest emotion - music that comes into being and is consumed out of human necessity.  Our dream, to curate a catalog hallmarked by true artistic expression and perfect timeliness.  As such, our little label has been called "a safe haven for inspiration and absolute creative freedom" and inversely pinned as "hodge-podge" and "brilliant".
At Empty Cellar, we are in love with the album as a format.  We feel that music listening is most fruitful, on a personal and collective level, when it is actively participated in. All of our releases are available worldwide in both vinyl and digital formats, distributed primarily by Revolver.  Our vinyl efforts are manufactured conscientiously and assembled by hand - often alongside the artist - with quality and affordability as balanced imperatives.  Our success is measured by that of our artists and the size of our ever-growing community.  We believe in the music we press, and hope above all that it reaches as many ears as possible right now and forever.
Roster (past, present, and future):
Bonnie "Prince" Billy and The Cairo Gang 
The Cairo Gang
Joseph Childress
Cool Ghouls
Tim Cohen
The Dry Spells
Magic Trick
Pillars and Tongues
The Sandwitches
Dylan Shearer
Charles Sharp
Sonny Smith
Sword + Sandals (Dwyer, Sutherland, + O'Dell)

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